Cuts & Shapes of Green Diamonds

Like near-colourless diamonds, Green diamonds can be cut into almost any shape.

Round Brilliant

As with other diamonds, the modern round brilliant cut remains the most popular cut.

Heart Shape

The heart shape is a modification of the round brilliant cut. We think it suits Green diamonds better than it does near-colourless ones.

Octagon Shape - Emerald Cut

The first green diamond we ever owned was octagonal, unfortunately, we do not have a photograph of it, so we show an emerald instead. The octagon shape, usually longer than in is wide, is often known as the emerald cut, because it is a shape which occurs almost naturally for emeralds. The stone shown is what we would call a square octagon. Octagonal stones are sometimes described as cut-cornered rectangles, or cut-cornered squares.

Pear Shape

The pear shape is similar to the heart shape in that it is also a modification of the round brilliant cut. We have not yet owned a pear shaped green diamond to photograph, so have shown a stunning sherry coloured one. We think a pear cut will suit green diamonds better than it does near-colourless ones.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is the most successful of the modern cuts developed for diamonds. It combines the square shape with the brilliance of a brilliant cut.

Again we have not yet seen a green princess cut diamond, so we have shown a photograph of a red one instead.

Marquise or Navette Cut

The marquise cut is also an adaptation of the round brilliant cut, which we believe also looks better in fancy coloured diamonds than it does in plain vanilla.

Some day we will find a nice marquise green diamond to show you.

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